List of Skills, Powers, Abilities, and Techniques

Powers:: Innate and in-born Aquamancy, Aeromancy, Cryomancy, Umbramancy, Draconic Aura of Majestic/Frightful Presence, Strong Resistance to Non-Magical Poisons and All forms of Acid, Immunity to Cold and Ice Lightning and the Element of Air, Endurance to Heat and Partially/Conditionally Immunity to Flames and Fire

Skills:: Mastery at Lock-Picking, Mastery with a Knife or Dagger, Mastery in Sleight of Hand and Pick-Pocketing, Exceptional Acrobatic Skill, Uncanny Magical Aptitude and Attunement, Expert Survivalist(Hunting, Foraging, ), Expert practitioner of Stealth, Trained in the Auglirean Style of Pyromancy by Princess Eloisa, Martial Weapon Proficiency with a Specialization in Swordsmanship and Two-Weapon Fighting, Proficient Practitioner of Kage Kame Ryu Ninjutsu and Modified Kyokushin Karate (2nd Kyu), Trained in use of the following Ninja/Martial Artist Weapons [Ninjaken, Tonfa, Kunai, Sai, Bo, Nunchaku, Kusarigama, Blow Gun], Novice in Poison-making and Compound-Mixing/Alchemy, Trained in the ways of the Royalty Nobility and Aristocracy

Abilities:: Intermediate Arcane Magic-User (Advanced in Wizardry and Skilled in Blood-born Sorcery), Advanced Ki-Wielder, Enhanced Musculo-Skeletal Density (Resulting in Augmented Strength and Greatly Enhanced Speed and Agility), Low-Light Vision (180 Feet), Dark Vision (30 Feet), Supra Genius-Level Intellect, Strong and Hearty Constitution, Extended Longevity


Kage Kame Ryu

Ki Focus
Sense Ki
Ki Imbuement
Ki Healing
Ki Speed
Ki Slash
Ghost Strike

Shokusha-ken: (Lit. meaning Rapid Fire Fist.) By developing his muscles and in turn, his speed, Sparius can deliver a quick flurry of fast, hard hitting punches onto the opponent's body, leaving them bruised, battered and possibly even stunned. The punches are directed to the lower abdomen, chest and head to deliver multiple bodily impacts. Sparius can further enhance this technique by channeling his Ki into his bones and muscles, further fortifying them to make them stronger and much faster to deliver Ki infused blows onto an opponent with extremely devastating results-- this subset technique is known as Mouretsuna-ken (Lit. meaning Rapid Violent Fist).

Kage No Senpuu Kyaku: (Lit. meaning Shadow Whirlwind Kick.) Inspired by the kicking techniques of Tae Kwon Do practitioners, this technique was developed by Giger Van Gogh to further add an arsenal of kicking techniques into the Kage Kame-ryu style of Ninjutsu and passed onto Sparius. It is a combination of body mechanics and momentum where the user turns rather quickly to build up the speed and power of the technique, while performing a powerful leap. As the user turns while airborne, multiple kicks consisting of a roundhouse kick, back thrust kick and another roundhouse are utilized. Skilled practitioners can perform up to four kicks in succession in one fluid motion if enough momentum and body movement is utilized to deliver stunning blows onto the opponent. By infusing his Ki into the technique, this technique becomes the sub-set skill Bouryoku Senpuu Kyaku (Lit. meaning Violence Whirlwind Kick) where the user can deliver faster, harder, and a higher number of multiple kicks onto an opponent. This could potentially leave an opponent battered, possibly with broken regions of their body.

Uraate: (Lit. Backing/Reverse Striking) This is a fulcrum-based transference skill; an example of Ki transmission that teaches one to shift the point and force of impact by striking the dead center of an object. At expert-levels, a practitioner can transmit the force of impact wherever they please, as long as a medium exists to transmit their power through. This is ideal for handling armored opponents, and could potentially kill a person if a vital area is stuck.


Portal Creation
Frost Barrier
Permeating Strike
Cold Blast/Burst


Air Blade
Vaccuum Vortex
Shock Web
Static Hold
Arc Ball
Cyclone Wind Buffer

Control Water
Glacial Grasp
Chill to the Bone
Weather Shift, Minor
Wet Whip

Step into Shadow
Pierce the Darkness
Pull Under
False Fabrication


Breath of the Dragon
Corrosive Blood
Deep Breath
Sniff out the Arcane