The Alibaster Death

Name:Rau Satio Zalindar
Weight:209 lbs.
Birthday:a Mystery
Weapons:Shadow Mage; a large swords with energy-absorbing/harnessing capabilities. It was once Cid's sword, but is not corrupted and dark.
Birthplace:The Shadow Realms
Hair:Long, Bluish-Gray
Eyes:Completely Golden
Intellegence:Who knows?
Race:Some sort of Shadow or a Hybrid thereof.
Favorite Creature:None. His only love is for plants
Likes: Murder, Fighting, Nature, Having control over people, Being mysterious


Rau is a 6 foot 3 inch tall Shadow His Skin is excessively pale and White. Each entire eye is a solid gold color. He has a slender build. Despite this though, his body is very well toned, muscular, and strong. His clothes hide this though. He wears Black pants, a Black shirt, the Black elven shoes of royalty, and a hoodless, buttonless black shin-length silken cloak with ornate embroidery on it. In his mouth are sharp, but not excesively long, fangs. He has a Black and Silver belt, adorned with runes, around his waist.


Rau's background and personality are totally unknown. Wat is Known is that over the centures, He has absorbed several people, stealing a bit of their essence and all of memories. This is his way of aquiring new abilites and life forces that would keep him sustained and alive. A few of thise unfortunate victims were Jameco Iga; Freedom, An Evil Cid from anouther dimenson; he called himself the Crimson Death and the Galactic Conqueror, Dillsta; Cid's brother and one time enemy, and Jonu; Jenova Spawn. He has all if their memories and aperverted form of each of their powers and Aura inside him.


Rau is a Shadow of immmense power. He has the Claurefram abilities if Flight, Fire, Telepathy/ Telekinesis, and Wind. He also has the capability of growing wings. From Freedom, He gt the ability to Form weapons instantly from steel or shadow. From Jonu, he stole the abilities of a master mage and magic creator. His natural abilities incluse power assimilation, control over shadows, alter self, andseveral kinds of Dark Magics.

"A world covered in blood will eventual sprout and grow the loviest if you wait long enough."

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