A Man named Sparius

Family: Bandus Schol(Father), Mina Tirrith/Hexia NightShadow(Biological Mother), The Dragon Queen(Adoptive Mother), Alessa Nightfall(Maternal Adoptive Sister and Mentor), Marisa Senyc De'Cygnal(Maternal Adoptive Sister), Laira NightShadow Schol Blake(Maternal Half-Sister and Paternal Adoptive Sister), Ryma-Elin Schol(Paternal Half-Sister), Rulin[Cid] Schol(Paternal Half-Brother), Dillsta Schol(Paternal Half-Brother), Nyme and Celest NightSchol(Sisters), Nessio NightSchol(Brother), Kenryck NightSchol (Brother)

Friends: Giger Van Gogh, Alessa, Karu Kazesuta, Izoza, Marisa De'Cygnal, Laira Blake, Alexander Blake, Pornim Timoquit, Princess Eloisa, Prince Ademar, Mara, Celine

Mentors/Masters: Sanis of The Urchins: , The Dragon Queen, Alessa, Lilien and the Faculty of Silverthorn Tower, Princess Eloisa and Prince Ademar of Auglire, Priestess-Queen Hexia, Giger and the Kage Kame-Ryu, Garyn of Charlatia, Terbolansus of Elleyra, Celine, Mara

Background: Born of a Dragon whom had her soul sealed away within the body of a half-elf priestess and her memories temporarily suppressed, and a powerful, magically engineered Amalgam creature, Sparius belongs to a unique race called a (Clauresian) Draquir. He is a blend of Elf, Human and Dragon-Blooded Claurefram. This blend provides him an array of attributes and characteristics that make him a powerful entity. From his human ancestry, he is blessed an agile and adaptable mind and a charming and affable demeanor. From his Elven heritage, he is blessed with longevity, agility, and an uncanny affinity for the arcane. His Claurefram blood drives him to strive to be better and challenge himself while also granting him a hearty constitution and a strong connection to the elements, especially Ice and Air. The Draconic blood that runs though his veins grants him a dense musculo-skeletal frame that imbues him with greater strength and speed and a slightly augmented healing factor. In addition to these benefits, He also has Dark Vision out to 30 feet and Low-Light Vision out to 180 feet. He has a resistance to non-magical poisons and all acids, Immunity to cold and ice lightning and the element of air, He can endure heat and is partially/conditionally immune to fires and flames.

History: An orphan born in Waurlrie, but raised in Bandushol, Iaspar lived his whole life in the desert. He was given away by his dying mother to the Dulain family not long after his birth. However, around age 6, a plague swept through and killed his adoptive family. Since then, he has been a street urchin and had to join a gang to survive. This was until he met The Dragon Queen, who cared for and looked after him, taking him into her surrogate family around age 11. She taught him to read, write, fight, and hunt.

When she suddenly went missing one day, He set off, destined to find the only living family he knows of. This journey has brought him across the Great Ocean and eventually to Taltuoa.

Since arriving in Taltoua, Spar has reconnected with The Dragon Queen and met and trained under Alessa to better hone his skills, his mind, and teach him how to be a good man. Over the past few years, his desert complexion has softened and he has undergone a major growth spurt, shooting up 8 inches since his arrival to the Seridian Peninsula. And, he's still growing.

For the past few years year, he'd been undergoing intense training and schooling under the tutelage of Lilien Silverthorn, Alessa's granddaughter. He was a resident of the newly-built Tower of Silverthorn in Taltoua for that entire time.

With the wars raging between Bandus and Hexia's nations (Bandilstat and Vodahmin Brii) against the defectors (the Clauresian Shadow Army) and disenfranchised (Blackstone's Hammer and the Coalition of the Exiled), there was fear for Sparius' safety. So, he was sent away from Seridia to Auglire to learn everything he can about their unique magics and culture, ostensibly as part of his studies at the Silverthorn Tower. Since arriving there, he has fallen for the Princess Eloisa and begun his training with Victis, Alessa's former sword, which had been bequeathed to him upon her "retirement" in a very surprising turn of events. He was no master swordsman or hero or leader as of yet, but she apparently saw great potential in him to do great things. For now though, he is busy being a kid and learning to be the best he can be at everything he sets himself to, and enjoying every moment of it.

Since leaving Auglire, Spar has returned to the continent as a wandering swordsman and mage, helping those in need and learning as much as he can in his travels. So far, his travels have taken him from Pendula to Cygnal, Auglire to Vodahmin Brii, and even Nu'uk and many places in between. Most recently, he spent seven weeks training under Giger Van Gogh in Ninjitsu and Martial Arts. Having just completed his training with him, Spar has found himself apprenticed to Lilien's sisters, Celine and Mara and is now on to his next adventure and learning experience, hoping to soak up as much knowledge and see as much of the world as he can before finally confronting whatever destiny fate has set him out for.