Specialist Blademaster/Bladesmith

Defiance- Soul Rebellion :Intangibility/phasing for 3 to 5 seconds

Leash- Soul Rebellion : Forms a near inseparable Bond of Servitude upon the soul and flesh of a non-resisting victim upon touch. Anyone not currently possessed or actively defending against Bandus' touch is susceptible. The victim can still think and experience normally, but is otherwise under Bandus' Suggestion.

Teleportation- Various/Numerous

Eraser- Xayne, Risana :Creates a stasis ball in a 15 foot radius around himself of pure white orbited by an electrical current. This globe is used to disable and remove the powers of his foes for approximately 10 seconds.

Untethered Soul- Soul Rebellion (Discontinued in this latest incarnation)

Divine Bestowal - Via Wish : Bandus can hear the prayers of those who call upon his True Name and grant up to 5 low-level Arcane (Sorcery) or Divine (Clerical) spells per day to up to 1000 of his closest religious followers. ((Spell list to come later.))

True Incarnation- Bandus : Bandus and Soul Rebellion are no longer Linked. After over 15 years, he has perfected the transfer and rooting of his souls into one perfect body. For all intents and purposes, he is truly Alive now. Since gaining the ability to bestow spells upon his worshipers, Bandus now requires sleep/reverie and 1 to 2 hours of meditation per day. Additionally, he must consume food and replenish his stores of blood as he is burning an uncanny quantify of energy whilst granting spells.

Strategic and Tactical Mastermind- Soul Rebellion, Bandus, Silver, Ayla, Rau, Synx, Xayne, Risana

Accelerated Fast-Healing- Soul Rebellion, Erin, Alaric, Rau, Raiyel, Aegon, Daizal

Mastery of Ice- Silver, Erin, Karu (Severed from Karu's power)

Mastery of Fire- Karu, Cid, Raiyel, Rhaegos (Severed from Karu's power)

Control of Shadows- Rau, Raiyel, Karu (via Keishinkae), Risana (Severed from Karu's power)

Manipulation of Metals- Cid

Hyper Skeletal-Muscular Density- Dragons, Rhaegos

Psionic Proficiency- Rau, Cid

Corrosive Blood- Dragons, Risana, Alaric, Aegon, Daizal

Acidic Flame Breath (40x20 foot Cone)- Dragons :Essentially, Corrosive Napalm

Superior Frightful Aura- Silver, Rau, Dragons, Risana, Rhaegos, Alaric, Aegon, Daizal

Dark Sphere- Mikoe, Keishinkae, Risana : Works like Enervation, except that it is a mobile area effect like, Flaming Sphere, with a 20 foot radius of effect that lasts 3 rounds (depending on Concentration Check). It also does 1d10 levels of damage to the living, and gives undead 1d10 x8 temorary hit points.

Master Sorceror- Cid, Rau, Erin, Dragons, Alaric, Karu, Ayla, Rhaegos (Severed from Karu's power)

Hellfire- Alaric, Aegon, Daizal

Astral Fire-Karu, Cid (Severed from Karu's power)

Astral Ice- Karu (Severed from Karu's power)

Tremorsense- Dragons, Rhaegos :Bandus can hyper-focus his five primary senses as will as sense of direction into an ability that allows him "observe" in the spectrum of vibrations and movement.

Horde Wave of the Damned- Aegon, Alaric, Daizal : Bandus may call upon the sols of the damned to swarm and attack his enemies. This ability also gives him some limited ability to rebuke and control weaker undead.

Severant Seal- A culmination of Leash, Jolt, (occasionally Ghost), and Bandus' psi abilities. This ability allows an arc of lightning to jump from Bandus' open eyes to travel through the held enemy's eyes and into their mind, where he locates, walls away and severs ties to memories and/or abilities. It may also temporarily blind the victim. Requires that Bandus have tangible contact through either physical touch or Soul Rebellion. Bandus must also maintain eye contact for at least 1 full second and concentrate his will against that of the recipient.

Unity- Soul Rebellion and Infinity can merge temporarily into one blade called Infinite Rebellion. This weapon takes the form of a katana with blackened metal mune or spine the color of SR that gradually turns to clear-white cryal similar to Infinity. While the swords are merge, they are perpetually helixed in frost lightning and dark energies. In place of the tsuba, there is the crossguard and eye from SR. Another affect of the merger is that IR is perpetually harnessing the Ghost-Splitter ability. Meaning it can cut anything across planes and tangibility.

As One- Bandus and the sword, Soul rebellion can merge and become a unified body. when this happens, Bandus' irises turn gold-rimmed and the eye on the blade's cross-guard become his third eye. The blade integrates into his metallic right arm and can be expelled and retracted like a wrist-blade. he gains the use of all the blade's abilities, using them as touch or even ray-like attacks.

Divine Abilities (Gained during Apotheosis)

Concussive Cold Burst- With just a thought, Bandus can will/expel a powerful shockwave of cold energy from himself that extends out sixty feet in all directions. The primary affect of this shockwave it to knock opponents back between 10 and 20 feet depending upon proximity and intensity of the burst. The secondary affect that kicks in a split-second after the first is the extreme cold that would permeate in that area, as temperatures decline to negative one hundred degrees celcius. Those outside the radius of the burst would feel a strong gust of warm wind as all warmthis being pushed away from Bandus.

Frightful Godly Presence- Any non-deity within thirty feet of Bandus automatically will be compelled to either flee in terror or bend their knee in awe and deference to Bandus. Only those with powerful wills can resist. Even undead and demons are subject to tho perpetual Aura of Power and Divinity

Divine Shield- An invisible, intangible field of divine aether surrounds Bandus providing a buffer that dampens forces aplied against the Demi-God, allowing a fair amount of damage to be absorped and negated by the inperceptible field

Divine Dodge- This ability works much like spell, Blink, however it removes Bandus from reality entirely and not just incorporeal or shifting betwen planes. This means that he disappears and then reappears, allowing any attack to pass right through his area of occupancy without any danger or harm to himself.

Godly Speed- Bandus can move at speeds that exceed the capabilities of mortal men. As yet, this speed has not been classified, but in his current state, he is one of the quickest beings on Spyridon.

Resistances and Immunities

Damage Reduction- Bandus' body is highly durabl and able to withstand all but the strongest of attacks with little effect. This is not to ay h is invulnerable, but just that it takes a lot to actually hurt him and longer

Immunity to Cold/Ice, Lightning and Acid

Resitance to Fire and Sonic/Sound attacks

Spell/Power Resistance- Bandus is highly resistant to the Arcane, Divine, and Psionic energies of others and only the strongest spells or powers can effect or harm him.