The Story of The Blue Angelfire

Chapter 2

It was 10:00 a.m. and the weather was overly hot on the morning of February 26 when Angela and Bandus had their second son. They name him Rulin which means Strong Spirit in the ancient language. He weighed a meager 7 pounds including wings. Without the wings, he weighed around 4 pounds. He was so frail that no one expected him to live to the age of two. Though he did live past two, he was still small and often sick. While the rest of his family were strong fighters, he couldn't handle the simple task of walking. Since birth he was bedridden. When he reached the age of three, he was able to walk and talk. He was actually pretty good at both now and had great intellegence, but he was still too weak to leave the house.

A few months later Dillsta, Rulin's nine-year old brother, started planning to kill Rulin, his more favored brother, under the guise of purging his family of it's weak link.