The Story of The Blue Angelfire

Chapter 3
Betrayal. Life on a foriegn planet.

"I'm going to kill him this time" declares Dillsta.

It had been about two weeks since Dillsta last tried to kill Rulin. This time, he decided on using an old crossbow which had belonged to His father.

The next morning before dawn, Dillsta crept silently into Rulins room. It was dark and painfully hard to see. Rulin had not slept that night because of something nagged at the back of his head.

Rulin turned his gaze to out the window staring at the magnificent stars stretched before him, Dillsta pulled the trigger on the crossbow and with a sickening thunk it flies through the air before entering Rulin's chest just missing his heart by a fraction of an inch.

Rulin rolled from the bed his eyes Wide with pain and fright as he falls over landing flat on his stomach.. sending the bolt deeper in. His body faded leaving a dark red blood stain on the floor with the arrow lodged in the middle.

Rulin awoke on Earth 46 days later. The elves had been taking care of his unconcious body since he appeared on earth right outside of their forest.

"What?Where?How?!" exclaims the confused Rulin as he sits up rapidly.

"Relax, child. You are safe." says a female elf who is sitting beside his bed.

"Who are you and why am I here?!"

"Calm down. I am Cidnie and I found you outside of the forest. What's your name?"

He feels stronger than he ever has and takes off the wrappings around his chest. His sickness and ailments seem to all have gone away. "Ru-. I'm Uh......Cid." He says not wanting to be recognized.

"Nice to meet you."

"Could I stay with you? I can't go home." He askes Shyly

"What do you mean?" she says confused.

"I'm not from around here and I don't even know how I got here."

"Oh....Yes, you can stay with us, Cid."

She led him outside. What he saw amazed and shocked him. Stretched before him was a massive forest surrounded on all sides by giant cliffs. Each tree was about ten men thick, they pierced the sky with impossible heighth. There were massive wooden bridges spanning impossible distances, wooden walkways that elven children played on, knowing that if they fell it would be sure death. Just the sight of this made Rulin's stomach churn as he was unable to watch the children who defied death without a thought. In every tree there was a home, or goods shop, or even latrines. What was strange was that the trees were not carved out, they grew that way. She led him across the giant bridges explaining culture and the ways of the elven people. In the very heart of the forest was a massive tree, larger than any other.. it's bark was a strange white and it's giant leaves where a healthy green. She led him inside the tree which was at least twice as large as the others.

"This is the council room of our people," she said smiling at his amazed look. "Every decision is concerning us is made by the council here." She looks around. "The concil will have a meeting soon.. we must leave." she said and led him out.

"I'm hungry. What do you have to eat?"

"Follow me. Let's go home and I'll cook you something"

They go home and she makes him some food and a cup of weak wyne. As soon as he takes a sip of the wyne, he falls into a Coma. She realizes that something is wrong so she put him in her bed and hurries to call for the Mages' House immediately.

After they arrive an magically examine him, The go to her in the kitchen.

"What's wrong with him? Will he be alright?" she askes with worry in her eyes and voice.

He will be ok in a couple of weeks. He, whatever race he may be, is poisoned by alcohol. The only reason he survived is because the wyne was watered down greatly." The eldest mage answers.

"I'll care for him. Thank you for your services."

She gives them ten gold pieces each and lets them out.

She waits by his side until he awakens 10 days later.

"I'm hungry." are his first words.

She hugs him close and begins to cry. "Ok but no wyne. It turns out it's highly poisonous to you."

She makes dinner and they eat well that night.