The Story of The Blue Angelfire

Chapter 4
Becoming a Knight

It has been four years since Cidnie adopted Cid. He has learned all about the world that he nows lives in. He has mastered the speechs of Common, Elven, Dwarven and Orcish now. Now that he is seven years old, like all the human seven year old boys, he is going to be a Squire so that one day he can be a Knight.

He gives his farewells to his adoptive mother and home before setting off with a dagger and some food for the human castle of Middlestrike.

It takes him a few hours to fly out of the village. He langs in the forest on the mountain and begins walking northeast. He walks til it is nightfall then sets up camp. Using wood from that was just lying around on the canopy floor, he builds a fire.

The fire is beginning to get dim when Cid here a close growl behind some trees. It frightens him at first then he shrugs it off thinking it wasn't as close as it seemed. As he goes to get more firewood, the sounds get louder and closer. He can now here the wolf's feet as it pads through the woods in his direction. The wolf is now between the fire and where Cid is. The creature looks more muscular and man-shaped than a wolf. Then what pops into his head is the stories that the Elves told about humans who, in the moonlight, became wolf-like. They are called Lycanthropes are Werewolfs.He drops the wood and draws his dagger with worry and fret in all his movements. Just as the werewolf lunges at Cid, another jumps out and attacks that wolf.

The wolf and werewolf fight for few minutes before Cid snaps out of the awe he was in and lunges at the werewolf's back, stabbing it in it's his heart.