Cid226ís Page

Hi. This is my page. Itís dedicated to me Cid.

These are my Friends


Deena, my sister; Neopanther, my second in command; Dor, my magician; her highness the princess, Adrian; my best friend, Mew; Drayliss; Trunks, Vetega, Piccolo, and Zarbon, my Dragon Ball Z friends; Ciarajade; Sephiroth, my teacher; Sepheraus, Ciaraís husband; Stormy, my first friend; Z-28, Stormyís friend; Controversy the Immortal, my uncle; the Macloeds; Staok, my first Vampire friend in the Red Dragon Inn; Angel King, first vamp I met; Sawa and Sarah, first members of The Cleansing Square; and Troy. Iím extremely sorry if I forgot your name. I forgot it because Iím absent-minded.

About Myself


Real name: Brandon
Height: 5í9
Weight: 150 Lb.
Eye Color: brown
Hair: brown
Race: black
Siblings: three, 1 older brother, 2 younger sisters
Age: 15
Birthday: August 26,1984
Hobbies: Swords, Rpg, Videogames, Computers, Swimming, Bike riding, Eating, Sleeping, and Archery
Favorite number: 226
Favorite food: fries and sprite
Languages: English, little Spanish, Pig Latin
Favorite color: blue

My Online Self


Online name: Cid Shidu Sephiroth Turles Trunks Brando Gogeta Schol Highwind Jr.,
a.k.a. Shin Ultima Angel Cid 226
Height: 6í4
Weight: 226 Lb.
Eye ball color: black
Eye color: blue
Hair: white
Race: Claurefram
Age: 22
Birthday: February 26, 1977
Hobbies: Fighting, Learning, Talking, Training, Creating
Language: English, Midgarian, Spanish, Pig Latin, Sephirothian, Latin

Negatives: Pyromaniac, Insane , Multiple Personalities, Vampire Lover