The White Blade

Real Name:The Blade of the Five Magi
Given Name:Infinity
Weapon type:Sword
Sword Style:Katana
Alignment:Neutral Evil
Length:Blade: 32"(excluding the tang)
Handle: 11"
Overall: 43.5"
Guard: 3.5"
Color:Translucently clear crystalline blade that seems to be comprised partially of energy. Black and Silver handle, sheath, and guard
Wielder(s): Bandus, Dynn, Ryma-Elin, Karu, Selinde


Infinity's actual blade is nearly impossible to see because of the pure white energy and frost that constantly encompasses it. The handle is black with silver threading that helps the wielder keep his grip. The pummel is Silver as well. There are small runes inscribed on the inlay of the sword's blade but, these can't be seen of course. ((The sword above is more or less what The sword looks like.))


Infinity is the result of uniting the power of all 5 of Cid's Mages into one. The key to doing this happened to be the very life force of their creators, so Bandus gathered all the swords together, either killing or imprisoning their owners. Bandus then bade his time until there came a moment when Cid's guard was down and he could capture him without much of a fight.

That day came and Cid was captured. He was then chained to the floor of his throne room where Bandus had gathered the weapons. For a full week, The swords sucked and siphoned Cid of his life forces, taking so much from him that his immortality was no longer able to be sustained and his body began to shrivel and age until he was near death. Having gathered all the energy they needed, all the swords physically merged, pooling their power together and forming the Sword of the Five Magi. Having been given tangible form and able to sustain itself, Infinity returned the powers back to each of the 5 swords, allowing them to remain in existence and as strong as before.

Some time after the death of Cid on the blade of this sword, it became awake. It decided to name itself Selinde and coerced it's wielders to do its bidding. For over ten years, she waited inside the blade for the opprtunity to escape her imprisonment in the blade and walk the world of the living. It was by accident that Karu would give Selinde the catalyst she needed to break free of the sword and roam free. Though the sword has lost its sentience, it does however maintain the majority of the power held within.


To this day, not much is known about this sword and what it can do. Not even the designers of the sword, Cid and Rau, know what the sword is capable of or how powerful it can become. Listed below are all the Abilities that have currently been discovered.

Ghost- One of the abilities granted to the wielder of the Infinity, it allows the weapon to become wholly intangible at the wielder's will. However, while the weapon is intangible it may still cause psycho-spiritual harm that may or may not manifest as physical damage. Should one be struck by this weapon when the Ghost is used, they would feel a pain relative to what damage would have been inflicted had the weapon been tangible. A secondary side effect of this is that opponents may be momentarily rendered all but immobile due to excruciating pain. The deeper or more numerous the strikes, the longer the paralysis would persist.

Utilizing the innate energy that seems to surround the Infinity, the weapon's cutting ability is enhanced beyond that of any other bladed weapon for several seconds. While Splitter is being employed, the wielder may slice through nearly any weapon or armor/hide and most magics/projectiles with ease. With Infinity's elevation to Major Artifact status. it can now cut through most substances and magics, including other artifact,s god-made items, and even damage lesser and intermediate deities

Frost Jolt-
Either through the blade or the wielder, Infinity can control and manifest Cold Lightning. Where normal lightning would leave burns, scorch marks, or set things ablaze, Cold lightning has the affect of causing freezer burns frostbite, or flash-freezing an object or area. This also has the optional affect of siphoning the energy from it's foe to heal the wielder. This ability has progressed to the point that it can now chain lightning bolts together in an outward burst front the wielder or leap between multiple victims in close enough proximity.

Through a combination of Evocation and Conjuration, Infinity can call forth a stream/wave of corrosive primordial lava that manifests six inches from the tip of its blade. This would hover there in the air for up to 10 seconds before being dispelled. However, should the lava come in contact with any substance or material, would immediately and ceaselessly seek to drill and bore its way to the primary/central point of the person or object. ((IE: person's heart, or lock's mechanism)). Recently, Bandus can create a wake up to 6 feet in height that will seek out the nearest enemy or a specific target.

Polar Wrest-
Infinity has the ability to alter, augment, diminish, reverse or even cancel out the gravitational pull of a designated local or object, within a 25 foot radius of itself. This includes shifting the directionality of an area's gravity

Infinity may channel and harness the wielder's own innate energies to empower itself. For example, Bandus' ability to control fire may be drawn upon to imbue the Infinity with flames for an uundetermined amount of time- effectively creating a flame sword that burns for the duration of the ability.

Saiyuki's Touch- Following a battle against an entity known as Saiyuki, Infinity has taken on a bit of the creatur's very essence, gaining a chaotic aura and now has a vein of energy at it's core that spiderwebs out from a Deep Violet to a Pale Lavender. The implications and side affects of this new addition to the sword are as yet unknown and untested.