The God-Forged Blade

Real Name:None
Given Name:Judgement
Weapon type:Sword
Sword Style:Longsword
Alignment:Lawful Neutral
Length:Pommel: 2"
Grip: 7"
Langet: 1.5"
Blade: 29"
Overall: 40.5"
Cross Guard: 6"
Color:Silvery semi-lustrous blade slightly tarnished with drops of dark blood droplets, Silver and dark metal cross-guard and pommel, Copper and Dark Tungsten grip, Plain Black scabbard
Wielder(s): Cid, Gray


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Beyond Perception-Judgement is "invisible" to all forms of perception excluding physical sight and touch. This means that it cannot be heard, smelled or tasted. As such, it is not affected by magic and will pass right through it as if the magic did not exist at all. Forcefields, divinations, abjurations, conjurations, transmutations, ki/chi forces, extra-sensory perceptions, auras, etc. None of these methods can be used to interact with/affect the weapon. Also, the blade does not interact with the air around it, making it the ultimate weapon of stealth. This weapon is a true null-set in that it cannot interact or be interacted with by anything but the mundane, and, even then, only on the Visual and Tactile spectrums of natural perception. When wielded, it imparts these properties onto the wielder, whom needs to be directly touching its hilt, specifically.

Created by the God of Justice, Tyr, this blade is immune to damage from all but the power of Deities ranked Intermediate or greater. A side affect of its origins is that, though it has power, it is not classified as a magical/supernatural weapon or even an artifact. As such, it cannot be affected by any magics, spell-like abilities, powers, supernatural abilities, extraordinary abilities, or extrasensory abilities such as darkvision, tremorsense, omnivision, truesight, etc. As such, it must be bound to a person's soul in order for them to be able call upon it. The only way to bond your soul to the blade if by cutting yourself and allowing it to deem you pure enough. It cannot be bound to more than one person's soul at any given time. Thus, the wielder must either die or willingly relinguish/sever their bond with the sword.

God's Wrath-
This sword burns and sears away the flesh of evil beings, eating and spreading away from the wound like strong acid or infectrious disease, as if the victim was literally being consumed by the evil within themselves. The more powerful the evil within the creature, the worse the burn and dissolution. Undead are utterly destroyed instantly by its touch and true evil, such as demons and devils, are mortally wounded and obliterated slowly by its cut, meaning that they will die rather than be banished back to their native realm.