Given Name: Bandus Anzer Schol
Age: 488 but Appears around 19
(Born-847 Died-1319 Reincarnated-1502)
Birthdate: November 19
Gender: Male
Race: Clauresian Hybrid(Legion)
Height: 6'
Weight: 177 lbs
Hair: Reaches mid-back, White
Eyes: Violet
Skin: Dark Hickory
Build: Slim and Strong
Marital Status: Twice Widowed
Offspring: Iaspar Dulain, Laira Blake (Adopted), Nyme NightSchol, Celest NightSchol, Nessio NightSchol, Patriarch of Entire Schol Line upon Spydrion
Weapons: Infinity, Soul Rebellion


Born in the nation of Theurnysank on November 19 as the second child to Brannil and Verhinn, Bandus was a rather frail and weak child. What he lacked in strength of body though, he made up for with a tactical mind, keen wit, great cunning, ruthlessness. By age 120, while still an adolescent, Bandus had already elevated himself to the rank of General, grown his small insignificant kingdom into a formidable force, completely usurped his father’s power, replaced the ruling council with those loyal to himself, and had his older brother murdered to secure his ascension to the throne.

Within 5 years, he’d had his parents killed, conquered and consolidated his neighboring kingdoms, and created the title of King-General to elevate himself above all others who fell under his ruthless tactics and ferocity. He named his Empire the Unified Kingdoms of Claueris. By age 350, Bandus had consolidated all the planet under his rule through war, diplomacy, fear, or genocide. Having achieved his primary goal in life, he looked to the future and solidifying all that he had worked for.

He took Angela, the daughter of the king of one of his neighboring sub-kingdoms, for his wife. She bore him three children.

Dillsta was the oldest, born in 1244. Though he was a strong, cunning and ruthless warrior, He lacked the tactical mind needed to maintain and improve the empire. Bandus deemed him a failure as a potential heir, but instead granted him the title of Under-General and trainer for his personal guard.

Ryma, the older of the fraternal twins by fifteen minutes, was born in 1292. She would grow to have her father’s mind for tactics as well as be strong of body. However, she was born with what is considered a major birth defect amongst her people. She was an albino who liked the elementalism of her people. Instead she mysterious ability to affect things with her mind. Cast aside as an abomination wholly unsuitable to rule, her father the opportunist, turned her into his personal bodyguard and weapon, forever enslaved to the throne.

This left the third and last of his children, Rulin, to fill the role of heir. Like his father, he was exceptionally bright, but also frail and weak. Bandus believed in his son to overcome this the same as he had, and had high hopes and aspirations for him. What Rulin did lack, however, was the ruthlessness and pragmatism of Bandus. He was a kind-heart, merciful and idealistic youth. Dillsta, embittered by being passed over for his much weaker younger brother jumped at the chance to torment and bully Rulin, which Bandus fully supported and encouraged in the hopes that Rulin would break from his softness of body and resolve and become the man Bandus needed to take over as he could feel that death would not be many more decades away.

Not wanting anyone but himself to have sway or influence over his progeny, Bandus killed Angela with his own hands not long after the twins had been weaned. From that point until his death in 1352, Bandus raised his children to be his legacy on the world. Almost.

Around 1340, Rulin mysteriously vanished without any trace. Though he had no proof, he suspected that Dillsta had murdered him. He did mourn his intended heir, but figured that if Dillsta had managed to kill him, then Rulin had been too soft and weak to rule after all. This left Bandus no choice but to declare Dillsta his heir until such time as he could find a more suitable one. This never came to pass, however. Bandus’ heart gave out on him in the summer of 1352. Dillsta would only be King-General a few months before he was deposed and overthrown.

[In another time, In another realm of reality, Rulin was victorious over his bullying brother, Dillsta. His dormant strength and power were awakened by the fear and adrenaline of his brother's murder attempt and Rulin killed in in self-defense. The story didn't end there however. This alternate-Rulin found that he had a knack and a fervent taste for killing, which was only fostered by a proud Bandus. Until it went too far. Alternate-Rulin murdered the entire Court of Kings and assumed unilateral power. Unchecked, he went on a killing spree eliminating all whom would possibly challenge his rule, including Bandus himself. Having grown to corrupt and chaotic, his generals turned against him and stage a coup. With the help of the unlikely allies, the Elves and a Spirit Goddess, Rulin was overthrown and expelled into what hey thought was an empty plane devoid of life. This was how Evil Cid came to this reality's Spyridon. Coincidentally, the Ghost of Bandus had been haunting the alternate-Rulin, and when He was expelled, the ghost hitched a ride over to this reality as well. When native Cid subdued and absorbed alternate-Rulin, this even set the spark and the gears in motion for Bandus' rebirth.]

Back in this reality, upon his natural death, Bandus’ body was then incinerated, as was customary and befitting his station, within the ever-flowing lava of Theurn’s Fountain. It would be with the materials from this lave fountain that Rulin, then known as Cid would forge the blade of Soul Rebellion and inadvertently grant new life to Bandus’ soul.

Bandus (the unified incarnation of both) awakened 150 years later, at the moment of Silver’s death. Everything felt different. He felt stronger, lighter, but for some reason, his vision was limited to one eye that he could not close for all his effort. He could not move a muscle, could not feel his heartbeat. All he felt was a pleasure that was brought about by the consumption of blood. With each drop, he felt more invigorated as his power grew. He knew he needed more. It took him awhile to piece together what and where he was, and who it was that had resurrected and currently possessed him. His long-lost son, Rulin, had brought him through a portal he had created between Claueris and Spyridon

Bandus spent a month inside the blade figuring out how to communicate, sense the proximity of blood, and eventually to move unbidden and unwielded. It would be another two years of manipulating Cid and gathering together the power of the other soul fragments within the blade before Bandus was able to fashion his first physical body. A body in the image of his former living self.

Not long after gaining a body, Bandus gathered all five variances of the sword, Mage, together after either killing or imprisoning their owners. Bandus then bade his time until there came a moment when Cid's guard was down and he could capture him without much of a fight.

That day came and Cid was captured. He was then chained to the floor of his throne room where Bandus had gathered the weapons. For a full week, the swords sucked and siphoned Cid of his life forces, taking so much from him that his immortality was no longer able to be sustained and his body began to shrivel and age until he was near death. Having gathered all the energy needed, all the swords physically merged, pooling their power together and forming the Sword of the Five Magi. Having been given tangible form and the power needed to sustain itself, the newly formed sword returned the powers back to each of the 5 swords, allowing them to remain in existence and as strong as before. Bandus named the blade Infinity, and would eventually use it to murder Cid rather than allow himself to be subdued and dissuaded from fulfilling his goal of bringing his rule to this world.

After Cid’s death, there was no one keeping tabs on Bandus and his actions. This allowed him to secretly build an army and form alliances with several powerful forces. And, with the help of Cid’s trans-spatial portal, Bandus began expanding his empire across worlds to Spyridon. Thus, began the First Spyridon Invasion.

Bandus’ first target was the independent tribes of Elleyra. He subjugated the Sylvan tribes and set them up as slaves and front line fodder. He built two forts here at the north and south of the island and a base of operations in the capital city. From here he moved north to Kryscheli. Here, he set up villages and strongholds, with the intention to build a great city here after the conquest. Over the course of a year, Bandus’ army grew in size as his territory expanded to include all within a 200-mile radius of Elleyra, including the major cities of Nirka, Aethorraent, Caellyra, and Gwenyc Tibryn.

One day, Bandus and his entire army mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind only the civilians, commoners, and farmers he had brought with him. No one knows exactly what happened or why the war just suddenly vanished from the continent. It would be nearly thirteen years before the name Bandus would become commonplace upon the continent again.

Spring of 1516 would mark Bandus’ understated return to the continent. He and six of his personal guard had booked passage upon a ship and sailed across the ocean from the Conquered Lands to the west. He met with a few important figures to gain information about the climate of events here since his departure. Soon after, he illegally commandeered Omega’s Castle and set about slowly funneling his army through the portable portal he had smuggled in via ship.

Using the castle as his base of operations, His army launched a blitz-type invasion upon the central lands around the Gimbal Mountains, beginning with Mintle, Civinallia, Owonry, Merim, Trasviny, and Vendry. The very next day, Omega was alerted to the theft of his property and summarily massacred those soldiers stationed within and ripped his castle, with the portal still inside, from the very earth with the intent of using it as a missile of annihilation to punish all whom had wronged him. This left Bandus on the run and without a stable base of operations. He left his generals in charge and fled back across the ocean to retrieve more troops as well as have the original portal shipped over.

However, the war continued and more land was taken and consolidated. The expansion finally ended and the borders were set and fortified against retaliation and invasion. During this time, Bandus and his auxiliary forced sailed up the river near Jasper and up to Addreyna. Here, he offloaded the portal and transported through lands he controlled to His capital city of Riverpoint. Using the portal to ensure he would always have enough reinforcements to maintain his land, He officially declared himself king and named his conquered territories Bandilstat. He then rounded up all the citizens and gave them the choice to remain as his subjects or leave the lands. Those that remained promised to be well-fed, protected, trained, and educated to help improve their lives so long as they swore an oath of fealty and to obey his law. Those who chose to leave where given three days to gather up their lives and depart peacefully. Any who remained that were disloyal to the crown after that time or fought against him would be executed on the spot.

There was a tenuous peace from this point. That is, until an incident with a girl named Eden sparked a new and more personal conflict with Bandus. There were three assassination attempts on his life due to this misstep. The most successful of them all was carried out by Weapon.

Fearing for his safety for the first time in nearly 15 years, He enacted a feature of his portal that created a near impenetrable globe around his kingdom, essentially cutting it off from the outside world except through a set of three gateways at his borders. One from the north at Gwassa, South at Pynical, and northwest at Merana.

After the Decimation War against Omega Weapon, in which he played an instrumental role in the God-killer's defeat, Bandus Set his sights on a new goal. Divinity. With the aid of his grandson, Ashton, his (secret) new wife and fellow monarch, Hexia, a reluctant and duressed Karu, and a large network of spies and assassins, Equilibrium being the foremost of which, Bandus has begun forming a religion around himself and gathering all that he needs to perform the Ascension Ritual to turn himself into a fledgling god.

At this point, he appears to have all that he needs to begin his apotheotis, and has begun upon an adventure that will change the lands of Seridia and potentially Spyridon forever.

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