Name: Mizra Yril'Lynod
Alias(es): Treasure
Age: 188
Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Height: 5'6
Weight: 123 lbs
Hair: Waist-length. White
Eyes: Pale Blue (Red in Dark)
Class: Blood Mage/Rogue
Deity: Zinzerena
Weapons: Crossbow, Rapier, Staff, Twin Daggers
Languages: Common, Elven, Undercommon, Abyssal, Aquan, Draconic, Drow Sign Language, Gnome, Goblin, Kuo-toan


Weaponize Blood: Solidify blood into shapes, missiles and/or weapons

Sanguine Assimilation: Gain knowledge and power through the absorbtion of blood

Absorb Blood: Uses blood to heal self


Ever since she was a little elf-ling she had been interested in the life giving substance called blood.. she had a innate ability to draw the blood of the hurt or the dying into her.. To heal.. or gain power/knowledge. She was afraid, excited, and curious all rolled into one when she first discovered she had been able to do it. She wanted to be trained in how to better use this newfound power/ability. as she grew she was trained with crossbows, daggers, the rapier, and the staff.. After awhile she had used her knowledge to coat her weapons in a poison.. (all drows know how to use and make poisons of various sorts..). As she was in the woods near her home.. a rather old and powerful blood mage came across her.. nearly frightening the hell out her.. Mizra was quick with her twin daggers and defended herself greatly.. poisoning the blood mage.. the mage had pleaded for his life and the antidote.. promising her anything she wanted. grinning like mad she told the blood mage what she wanted.. His eyes widened but her agreed to train her in the ways and practice of a blood mage.. Mizra's parents were not pleased.. and were about ready to forbid it completely when her father told her if she had really wanted to do it.. then fine but she had to do one thing he had already set in motion. Mizra not being pleased with this outcome reluctantly agreed. Her fathered then told her that he had arranged for her to marry Xayne..

After a couple of years of training and attempting to get to Xayne she would cut the rune for M into his left palm, and the rune for X on her left palm.. Joining their hands together she said that no matter what happened to them.. if they ever had been separated this marking.. would allow the other to know when the other was near.. glowing brighter and then a twinge of pain when they were close (practically right on top of each other).. She would spend some more time with him for a few more months.. Before one day when they were supposed to meet up and he was gone.. He left her.. or so she thought.. Not ever knowing what truly happened.. she devoted herself to learning and growing as a blood mage.. Choosing a snake as her familiar she named it Deimos.. Who has been a constant source of focus and companionship for her through the many years..