Claurefram Assassin

Name: Pornim Thuyro Timoquit
Race:Claurefram (Dylagefram)
Age: 242
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210 pounds
Eye Color: Silver with Black Eyeballs
Hair: Short, Raven Black
Complexion: Darkened Red ((color of background))
Weapons: 5 Throwing Daggers, Curved Sword, Morningstar
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Personality: Surly, Sarcastic, Loner, Fearless
Affiliation: (Formerly) Clauresian Military Assassins, (Currently) Forsaken Clauresian Army
Likes: Deer meat, Fighting, Liquor
Dislikes: Unworthy Opponents, Failing, People commenting on the strange color of his skin.


Pornim is about average height for a Claurefram at six and a quarter feet tall. He is, however, slightly more slender than his warrior people, weighing in somewhere close to two-hundred ten pounds. Despite lack of size, his body is in peak physical condition, something that is absolutely mandatory in his line of work. His hair is raven black and shaved at the sides (like in the pic). He is one of the only few Claurefram who cuts his hair on a regular basis. However, he does allow the hair in the back to grow and has it tied into a ponytail. This is a sign of status among assassins. Like all Claurefram, his eyeballs are naturally black. This only makes the silver irises of his eyes stand out all the more beautifully. The most peculiar thing about him is the color of his skin. Claurefram with red skin are always regarded with disdain and suspicion for it's rumored that they are the most treacherous and blood-thirsty and, thus most likely to turn upon allies as quick as enemies.


Pornim means Abomination in Clauresian((I'll write about his history some other time))

Pornim's life before Spyridon is a mystery. At some point during his pre-adolescence, he was "recruited" into the CMA and his family exterminated before his eyes. He came to Spyridon to serve under Bandus in his war to imperialistically claim ownership of the continent. After hearing reports of the renegade Claurefram witch, Zelda, he went AWOL and set out on a solo mission to find and eliminate her. However, instead of killing her, he ended up falling in love. No one knows exactly what happened between the two of them, but they are never seen together any longer and he took a job as the personal bodyguard and assassin to Styrm Dilgarson up in Kryscheli some time later.


Peak Physical Strength
Exceptional Agility and Reflexes (Racial)
Uncanny Stealthiness
Open Locks
Closed Mind (Due to Ring)
Innate Immunity to Evocations and Elemental Magics (Racial)