Animal Lore
Handle Animals
Knowledge: Spirit World
Languages: Common, Orc, Elvish, Druidic
Weather sense

Shapechange: Ursus can transform himself into a large black bear.

Speak With Animals: Ursus may communicate with animals.

Call Lightning: Ursus can call lightning down from the heavens.

Darkness: Ursus can snuff out all non-magical light in a space of 30x20 feet for a short time.

Flesh to Stone: Ursus can cause living flesh to turn to stone for a short time.

Chill Touch: This spell causes Ursus's hands to became engulfed in bluish fire, causing frost damage if he successfully touches an opponent.

Gust of Wind: Causes a strong breeze to knock down opponents.

Oaken Staff
A seemingly plain staff made from a sturdy oak branch, this is a symbol of Ursus's progress into his training, and has a few markings carved into the wood. It's also useful as a quarterstaff

Armor: None.
Personal Information
Names: Ursus, Elion
Title: Ovate
Age: 50 (looks approximately in his late teens)
Sex: Male
Race: Half-Orc, Half-Elf
Concept/Profession: Shaman, druid, mystic
Affiliations: Bear Tribe, Stone Clan
Religion: Ust the Sun Bear, general animism
Relations: Renestrae (Mother), Rurik (Father), Keishara (Half-sister)

Height: 6'4
Physical build: Medium build, muscled
Complexion: Light olive tanned
Hair: Black, long, worn in dreadlocks
Eyes: Pale blue
Clothing: Leather breeches and boots, grey woolen kilt, deerskin shirt, fur jerkin, pale greenish/grey elven cloak, sacred jewellery
Distinguishing Features: Greenish tinge to his skin, slanted eyes, pointed ears, long canine teeth.

The far north is a cold, harsh land of rugged beauty. Great tundra make up the landscape, shadowed by mountains and shaded with thick alpine forests. The peoples who inhabit these lands are a mixture of hardy humans, solid orcs, stoic dwarves and wild elves. Where their lands border each other there is occasional battle, frequent trade, and rarely, romantic unions. Born to a mountain orc father and a wilder elf mother, Elion was the result of their unusual, but not unheard of, union.

He was raised partly with his father's people and partly with his mother's, and was given the advantage of both cultures. But it was the wily old druid of the elvish Bear Tribe, and the cunning old shaman of the orcish Stone Clan, who spotted the young half-breed's gift with animals and habit of wandering off into the woods to follow spirits he'd seen. Taking Elion under their collective wings, they trained him in the druidic and shamanic arts, teaching him about the land and spirits that inhabited it, and showing him the techniques of trance, healing and summoning that would make him a lore-keeper for both his peoples.

Now named 'Ursus' as a servant of the Sun Bear, Ust, he is sent out in his dejemma, a dream quest, to seek the ancient ancestral lands of his elvish and orcish forebearers and seek the approval of their spirits before undergoing his first set of initiation rites.