The Planeshifter

Name:Xayne Zewaliq S'YrilLynod
Weight:164 lbs.
Birthday:August 15
Weapons:A Black Partisan with Plane-Shift and Elemental Absorption abilities, A Shortsword, and 2 Daggers
Birthplace: Some other plane of existence
Hair:Long, White with Red and Gold intertwining braids
Eyes:Yellow at most times. Other times, they are Gray or Hazel
Intellegence:Knows too much
Race:Drow Hybrid
Favorite Creature:Nine((Nightshade))
Likes: Fighting, Playing jokes on others, Nightshade, Gaining knowledge


Xayne is a 6 foot tall Gray-skinned Drow. Unlike other Drow though, he has a prehensile tail which he uses mostly to aid him in combat. His eyeballs are a shimmery Silver color and his irises are a bright Yellow. Like all Elves and Drow, he has a slender build. Despite this though, his body is very well toned, muscular, and strong. His clothes hide this though. He wears Black pants, a Gray shirt, Black elven boots, and a buttonless black hip-length silken vest with ornate embroidery on it. In his mouth are sharp, but not excessively long, fangs. He has a Black and Silver belt around his waist and across his right shoulder. Attached to this belt, on each hip, there is a sheath holding a Dagger with ornately decorated Black and Silver hilts. Along the diagonal strap of the belt, there is a sheath holding a Shortsword with the same design on it's hilt as the Daggers have. At most times, he is seen carrying an all Black, all metal Partisan with him in his grasp.


Most of Xayne's life is a mystery. He claims to be some sort of Drow from another plane of existence. He claims to have been to many places and seen may things. One such thing he claims to have found is a River of Knowledge, which he frequents regularly and learns innumerable things about places things and especially people. This knowledge he uses to both his advantage and to try and help people occassionally. This, most times if not always, gets him into serious trouble, but his fighting skills are so great that he can undoubtably handle himself very will without even using his powers. Though he claims to have limited knowledge of magic, it is quite apparent from his aura that he is an expert mage and spellcaster. Other than his mischeivous nature, his personality is a total mystery. He may seem to be of one alignment one moment and the opposite the next. Some say that this is a true sign and account of his insanity. This is impossible to tell though, since he won't let anyone in beside Nightshade and he still keeps some aspects of himself secret even from her.


Over the centuries, Xayne has totally mastered his Plane-Shifting abilities and is well versed in the use of Time-Alteration. Also, He has mastered Elemental Magics and is an intermediate in Astro-Elemental Magics. He has some knowledge of other types of magics as well but plays ignorant, so it is impossible to judge what level he is at in these. On the physical side of the spectrum, Xayne is a world-class acrobat and gymnast, having complete control over every muscle in his body. He is also a specialist and master in the use of all pole-arms. He is an expert swordsman and knife and dagger Fighter/Thrower.

"In total domination, time is no obstacle to this ageless Drow."