The character above is named Sephiroth. He is one of my Favorite People. He is almost perfect. He is strong enough to carry around sword with close to a nine foot blade. Many thought him evil but i just think he was crazy. He had a plan to cleanse the world of all evil by force. He nearly destroyed the earth but Cloud, his former friend and military officer, killed him. I think Sephiroth was a good man, but he went about solving earth's biggest problem the wrong way. ©

His name is Shinomori Aoshi. He is my abolute Favorite Character. He is from the series, Rurouni Kenshin. He was the the leader of the now dead Oniwabanshu. His weapons of choice are his Kadachi and Fist. He uses the Kenpo Karate style along with his Kodachi to defeat his opponents. I really Like his styles and attitude. He's cool and layed back yet determined and strong. I like his outfit also.


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