Cid Rulin Schol, Former King of Claueris

Birth Name:Rulin Ylatz Schol
Aliases:Cid, Cid-Rulin, The Elaustryon, The Lost King, The Abdicator, The Blue Phoenix, Castivan
Titles:King (Abdicated), King-General (Resigned), Regulator, Protector of Serridia, Knight of the Glade, Arch-Magus, Master-General of the Phoenix Army, (Future )Headmaster of the Phoenix Tower, Castivan (to Alethea Rowan Divine), Lord Mayor of Serrilcia
Weight:239 lbs.
Physical Age (At time of Death):1218 (134 in Clauresian years)
But looked to be in his early twenties
Birthday:February 26, 1263
Death Date:October 19, 1502
Weapons:Judgement and Soul Rebellion
Birthplace:Claure Castle, Honoshin, Claueris
Place of Death:Castle Serril, Taltuoa Region, Spyridon
Hair:Neck-length, White with Silver((going gold now)) strands of age. Golden tint when he fights
Eyes:(Naturally) Dark Blue with Black Sclera, (Usually) Hazel
Complexion:(Naturally) Deep Ocean Blue, (Usually) Deeply Tanned
Alignment:Between Chaotic and Neutral Good
Favorite Creature:Vampires, Elves, Dragons, His Spyridoni Family
Family:Shera{Goddess Serrilae} (First Wife [divorced]), Caroline{deceased} (Second Wife), Nori-Alina{deceased} (Lover/Baby Momma), Endora|phin|{deceased} (Third Wife), Dillsta (Brother), Calatha (Sister-in-law), Ryma-Elin (Twin Sister), Benjamin Monte Cristo{deceased} (Brother-in-Law via Ryma), Moon-Runner (Brother-in-Law via Caroline), Rulin-Moon (First Son), Aureulin{deceased} (Second Legitimate Son), Rievo (Second/Illegitimate Son), Iouson (Adopted Son), Thym (Grandson via Iouson), Miesco (Great-Grandson via Thym), Dyeera (First Daughter), Sarius-Markian{deceased} (Fourth Son [Twin to Siara]), Siara-Marie{deceased} (Second Daughter [Twin to Sarius]), Akuji{deceased} (False Triplet and Brother of Sarius and Siara), Amazon {Ammy}(Daughter-in-Law [Aureulin's Widow]), Seranya-Jade (Niece via Dillsta), Benjymar (Nephew via Ryma), Ashton (Nephew via Ryma), Rheanne (Niece via Ryma), Hina (Mate of Rulin-Moon), Zyllum{deceased} (Evil Cid's Son), Eron (Grandson via Aureulin), Hyldeline (Granddaughter via Rulin-Moon)
Languages:Clauresian, Elven, Common, Draconic
Likes: Fighting, Being with his Family, and Making Friends


Cid is a man of about 6 feet 5 inches tall, 239 pounds, and long white ((and now going gold)) hair. At his temples, there are two thin white braids. His medium-sized frame is quite muscular though this is well hidden under his loose-fitting Black clothes. ((pants and long outer shirt, which is open, are that color but the inner shirt underneath is Midnight Blue. As are his bots Black.)) His Skin is quite heavily tanned with black Clauresian Runes covering his body from head to toe. His eyes are a either Hazel are Gray. He has no facial hair.


((Cid has a very very long story, So I'm going to give you the short version.)) Cid was born Rulin, the sickly and weak second son of King-General Bandus and Queen Angela. From birth, his brother, Dillsta hated him. At the age of three, Cid barely escaped with his life when his brother shot a crossbow bolt through his chest. This sudden surge of emotion and pain triggered his latent and thought to be non-existent powers. He was teleported to another world where he was found raised by wood elves. His guardian was named Cidnie. She is the one who named him Cid. Over the next few years, he lead a happy, peaceful and exciting childhood. As an adolescent, he went off to become a Knight. After doing so, He returned home for a year or so, protecting his elven companions. Around the age of 19, he decided that he wanted to leave the elven city and see the world. He sent those 3 years exploring the world, fighting new battles, meeting new creatures and making new friends. He was even admitted to a magic school for a little while.

This new and exciting life took a horrible twist when his older brother arrived on Spydrion and tracked him down. Cid, having only been trained in human and elven fighting arts was no match for Dillsta who was an expertly trained warrior and leader of the Clauresian Global Armed Forces. With the help, and expense, of a few friends, Cid was able to escape the encounter but not without suffering major injuries. Knowing that Dillsta was relentless and blood thirsty, Cid decided to hide out until he was strong enough to fight and defeat his brother.

By now, he had learned to change his outward appearance to that of a human and retract his wings into his back. While walking through a dark alley in the middle of a city he thought abandoned, He was ambushed by a pack of hungry vampires. After defeating them, He was captured by the leader who was hiding in the shadows. He was so impressed with Cid's fighting skill and power that he decided to spare him. Over time, during captivity under the vampires, he and the vampires of the city became close companions and friends. They taught him a bit of the art of psionics, an ability that lay dormant within him from a recessive gene, and a little arcane magic, including minor healing(necromancy) spells.

After leaving the vampires, Cid encounter a strange elven mage and fallen quasi-deity named Dor. They became best friends and Dor helped him unlock the mysteries of his past and the use of his ornate elemental abilities. He taught him evocation, divination, and conjuration as well as how to fight blind and aerial combat. Once he felt he was ready, his next destination was go back home to challenge Dillsta. Though he managed to defeat Dillsta he escaped, via portal, back to Claueris with a begrudging new respect for his powerful little brother. felt

((This part of the story is gonna speed by with only highlights)) Gets married to Shera, Creates Castle Serril, Lives there, Adopts Iouson, Goes to Claueris upon hearing of the death of his father, Finds out he was his father's heir all along, Fights in several wars of succession and becomes King when his brother is dethroned, Gets divorced from Shera (Also finds out she was an amnesiac lesser god, Serrilae), Abdicates the throne after finding a suitable replacement as king, comes back to Spydrion, Meets and marries Caroline. Has 3 kids with her, Fights in more wars on both Spydrion and Claueris, Gets trapped on other plane of existence for 6 months by an evil wizard, Gets sent backwards in time about 400 years during a battle to thwart an evil goddess, Meets and falls in love with Nori-Alina, Has Rievo with Nori, More wars, Given the sword Judgement as a reward for his service, gets turned into a human, Regains powers and becomes Claurefram again.

About 2 years ago, an evil Cid from alternate universe was hurled onto this plane. This resulted from using all of his powers to try and totally destroy his world and everyone on it. After the good Cid defeated him, something strange occurred and the two merged into one being. Until recently, the Evil Cid lay virtually dormant within Cid's psyche. But lately he's grown stronger in will and has started forcing his way to the surface to wreak havoc and mischief. ((There is waymore to come))


Like all Claurefram, Cid has the natural ability of flight via his wings. Also, he has the ability to slightly his appearance. Some examples are change his complexion and eye color, retract his claw-like finger/toe nails and canines to appear less threatening, and retract his wings into his back. He has been known to use his ability to alter his complexion to manifest tattoo-like runes and glyphs all about his body. Like all of Cid's genetic bloodline, he has the ability to create, manipulate, and control all forms of fire and flame. Fire also heals him physically as well. The only exception to this rule is Astral Fire. Astral fire has an odd effect on him. Instead of healing him, it gives him this Sea Blue aura around him which gives him a weird feeling of euphoria and amplifies the power of his abilities. Cid also has a natural immunity to lightning. In addition to his fire-based abilities, Cid has been developing his elemental powers of Iron, Wind, and Water/Ice. He is moderately proficient with these. Cid is a telepath of unknown proficiency and a master telekinetic. Despite all these talents though, Cid prefers to depend mostly on his incredible speed and strength in battle. As of late, he's gained a Light blue aura around him when he's focused and ready to fight.