Magical Dagger given to him by The Dragon Queen
Masterwork Dagger given by Alessa (He's working on imbuing it with magical properties)
Hielport (Found discarded after Bandus' Battle against Giger/Shellshock)
Victis with Special Scabbard
Flintlock Pistol with 20 Bullets
Assortment of Kunai and Shuriken (Fastened to Utility Belt)
Wand of Earth-bending (12 Charges. Doubles as Blowgun.)


Silverthorn Tower Academy Magus Robe (Worn hanging open at the waist like a long jacket)
Cloak of Concealment (Woven into Magus Robe)
Heavy Winter Boots
Fur-lined Cape with Hood
Kage Kame-Ryu Shinobi Yoroi (Worn under Robe and Cloak)
Utility Belt
Belt Buckle of Greater Haste (Buckling Utility Belt)
Boots of Silent Striding and Far-Jumping
Bracers of Projectile Deflection (Worn under sleeves as blade sheathes)


Various Alchemical Compounds and Blends Used for a Variety of Purposes (In Utility Belt)
Complete Set of Spell Components and Foci(In Utility Belt)
Assorted Plants, Herbs and Spices (In Utility Belt)
Poison and Antitoxin Kit
Personal Grimoire
Several Advanced Tomes on Air/Lightning Magics and Water/Ice Magics
An Ice Waeldstone Medallion
A Flame Waeldstone on Victis' Scabbard
Several Magical Bags of Holding
Completed Thief's Toolkit
Climbing Shuko